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Relevant and complete information on your customers

That is what you need for the best possible risk management and compliance. But you also want to use this information to optimize your profit. Whether you want to control your costs and efficiency or plan an effective sales- and marketing strategy: reliable, up-to-date information on customers and prospects is the basis for all your business activities.

From a lot of data to a complete customer view

Customer information is present within different company departments. Departments vary from risk management department, order administration, service desk to sales and marketing department. Combining and correlation these pieces of information is a challenge.

How to ‘add’ all the fragmented information together? How do you quickly combine all available data correct together to create a complete customer view?

Up-to-date with external data

External customer data is, like internal data, an important source to form a complete and accurate customer view. External data can be obtained from for example Chambers of Commerce, Dun & Bradstreet and Graydon. This information can be used to reduce credit risks and to improve business opportunities.

External data is traditionally used to do ad hoc and incidental correlations with internal data. That is a time consuming and expensive process and adds no structural value to the company. Can this be done differently ?

Many questions... MatchMaker offers one solution

The problems listed above point to one central need: be able to manage the company based on relevant and complete information. Be fast, be ‘in control’ and stay in ‘in control’.

That is the nature of the solution we developed: a fast and smart solution. A solution with a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). A solution which uses data from your own available information systems. A solution targeted to your needs and situation and a solution that does not change the existing information streams and processes.

This unique solution is called MatchMaker. MatchMaker, fast and smart ‘in control’.

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