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MatchMaker is a middleware product that enables you to create, maintain and use relations with your customer data.

  • Your company has collected a lot of data on her customers
  • The data is present in different systems like in for example:
    CRM-system, order administration, contract administration, membership administration, creditcard administration, car insurance administration, property administration
  • You even bought external reference data like:
    Chambers of Commerce data, Graydon data or Dun & Bradstreet data

As it turns out it is difficult, time consuming and costly to create relations within the data. Specifically with Basel II and Solvency III this problem will for sure arise.
Do you recognize and experience this problem:
See our solution MatchMaker.

Even if you know the problem and created a specific tailor-made solution and now you want to continue and need to integrate more data:
Do the follow-up projects with MatchMaker.

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