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MatchMaker is flexible

One of MatchMaker main characteristics is the wide applicability of the product. MatchMaker is able to relate internal collected data but it can also maintain the relations between internal collected data and external data. MatchMaker is not system type bound and therefore it can be used in almost any environment.

Depending on your situation and needs MatchMaker can evolve from a simple system to a large high available central managed environment. However this is not a requirement. You uses MatchMaker in a way which suites you best.

Advantages of MatchMaker
  • MatchMaker offers the possibility to import and use external data.
  • MatchMaker can be used in an almost real-time manner and is a structural solution. So, you will have access to almost constantly up-to-date customer view.
  • MatchMaker keeps work in your organisation stable. Employees can continue to work with their own familiar applications and systems. Systems and business process don't need to be changed
  • What you do with MatchMaker evolves with your need for customer information: MatchMaker is developed with organic growth in mind.
  • You decide how to implement MatchMaker. Implement it by using your own employees or by using an external service organization. Support by us is always possible by means of a business coach and a subject matter specialist.
  • MatchMaker offers excellent technical performance, high reliability and scalability.
  • A MatchMaker project can be implemented in a short time period.
Main characteristics

MatchMaker uses your own existing customer data. This has the advantage that your employees can continue to do their regular work with their familiar systems while MatchMaker is setup or used. You don't have to invest in expensive time consuming custom made solutions.

By means of advanced technology MatchMaker offers in a relative short period the basis for a complete customer view.

MatchMaker is designed with a vision that to get to a complete customer view the process to do that needs to be organic. Therefore an incremental approach can be used: start working with two customer information systems and add in each next step in the process another customer information system. So in this way you can decide on the time schedule in which existing systems are added and the order in you want to do that. Whether your goal is a critical central customer management system or you just want to identify your unique customers you are in ‘control‘.

MatchMaker is a structural solution. Traditional business match engines seem to do the same type of work. However ‘match engines’ work ad hoc: they are targeted toward incidental matching of data. Match engines do not store the results for later use or re-evaluation, therefore there is no structural process to work with the results: each match process starts from scratch. MatchMaker works different. MatchMaker does the matching and stores the results. People can manipulate the results. The results are a starting point for new matches. MatchMaker therefore uses the insight of previous results to create new and better insights.

Start working smart and fast

Would you like to see a demonstration on how smart and fast you can start working with your customer data? We like to show you the features and possibilities of MatchMaker in a personal presentation and demonstration. Just contact us.

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That is our challenge and that is what we are good at. We combine strong insight in your business issues with expert knowledge on innovative smart technology. This results in high value technology solutions which are logical and therefore look simple: specifically because these solutions are straightforward answers to your issues.

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