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Customer information is one of you major assets

Information on your customers is valuable. In almost each company customer information is present in fragments on different systems.

Our product "MatchMaker" is specifically developed to manage relations on customer data between different systems. MatchMaker makes it possible to use the fragmented data to get to new valuable insights. This is done using a fast and smart method. MatchMaker does not change your existing processes, applications and data. By using MatchMaker you save time and money. Basically you already own the information. The core function that MatchMaker adds to your information is to create a complete customer views. These views are then accessible from one source to all authorized processes and persons.

You need customer insight; not major changes to your existing data

There is no need to change your complete IT-infrastructure in order to create complete customer views. MatchMaker provides the basis to do this easy!

MatchMaker brings all existing information together using your own available data. This can be done using your own internal collected data as well using external obtained information. MatchMaker uses CDI-hub technology to do this.

Fast results using smart technology

A "Data Steward" is a person within the organization with the function to manage customer data. Your "Data Stewards" can start working early in the process. The results are new valuable insights from the beginning of the project using existing information.

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