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How much time does it cost to build up an overall customer view?

An overall customer picture can be build up quite quickly. MatchMaker uses an extraction of your own available data. Therefore there is no need to build a new central system. The turnover time is dependent of the number of databases, the quality and type of data the amount of own and external acquired data. Two months turnover periods are possible.

Is MatchMaker stored information accessible to my own company business applications?

Yes, employees and your own company applications can have access to MatchMaker data. Employees keep working with there own existing applications and remain responsible for the quality of there own specific data. These employees can also use information accessible from MatchMaker directly or by means of new applications.

Can you describe a MatchMaker implementation process?

A successful implementation starts with a good insight into the desired complete customer view: what customer data should be available in complete customer view? Our business coach can help to determine that. Next the coach can also advise on how to integrate external acquired data.

Next: MatchMaker needs to be installed. This can be done by your own IT-department, someone from our specialists or an external party of you choice. MatchMaker then delivers a mapping-table. Quality checks and interpretation can then be applied to the table by means of a data steward governance model. One of our subject matter experts can help your data stewards with issues or questions at hand.

A user interface helps you get the customer view on basis of the integrated and related data.

Is there a MatchMaker project implementation support-team available?

Yes, a very experienced team is available. These support people do each have many year of experience with complex enterprise environments of banks, insurance companies and governmental departments. Please contact us and arrange an appointment.

Can MatchMaker work with my systems?

MatchMaker it self is accessible via a web-interface. Application developers can access MatchMaker data by means of a web services application programming interface.

You application developers working in java, .net or with some other programming environment always have a way to get access to the related customer data.

Is it within one MatchMaker environment possible to work with different external data sets?

Yes, in this environment these type of data sets will be used as references for your own customer data sets. For each data set (yours or the external ones) we only require as a minimum an unique stable key within the specific data set.

Our company business units work independently. Does MatchMaker support this business model?

MatchMaker supports this model. Different working options are possible:

  • Put all data of all the units within one MatchMaker environment, but let each business unit create and manage there own required relations.
  • Create a separate "instance" within one MatchMaker for each business unit.
  • Use a MatchMaker installation for each business unit.
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